Utopia Realized: In Search of a Just Society


John Matthews is a janitor in Scranton, Pennsylvania. He talks to his wife, Kristen, as he drives to work. He is exhausted and weary from his difficult and long days and the two discuss their economic and other systemic troubles. John never sees Tara, a security guard with her own struggles, when she loses control of her car and barrels into him on the Scranton highway. John wakes up into a foreign world where a guide named Sophia shows him a new and different society. This world is called Amoena Vieta and Sophia shows him a vivid and exciting new societal structure there. It has re-imagined language, government, basic rights, transportation, religion, economics, education, the legal system, media, taxes, and other societal systems and institutions. All of the institutions and systems described eliminate or largely mitigate the constant social problems that exist in his world. As John hears, sees, and learns these things, his life continues to hang in the balance.

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About the author

Kurt Warner

Kurt Warner graduated summa cum laude with a bachelor’s degree in English literature from King’s College in Pennsylvania and graduated with a master’s in social work from Binghamton University. He won both of the English awards in his class and has been published in the King’s College literary magazine, Disability in Society, Cortland Standard newspaper and Same Time Next Week: True Stories of Working through Mental Illness. Warner was the writer for the Mental Health Association of Cortland County and is currently working as a psychotherapist with individuals struggling with mental health issues.

Other Works

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Same Time Next Week - Contributing Writer

The Dictator in My Head

Kurt was a contributing writer in this book. He wrote a chapter called: The Dictator in My Head.

Disability & Society Journal

Mentalism, disability rights and modern eugenics in a ‘brave new world’

Kurt also co-wrote a published article in Disability & Society, titled: Mentalism, disability rights and modern eugenics in a ‘brave new world’


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